Monday, June 20, 2011

The Past Week and the Next Two

As some of you might have known, this past week I went to Cedar City for a soccer tournament. The tournament is called Utah Olympic Summer Games and has been occurring for the past 26 years. Soccer is one of the many sports that occur at the Summer Games; some of the other sports are archery, running, biking, basketball, and wrestling.  My team, Red Hots FC, participated in U16 girls soccer.  The Red Hots FC won four of the five games we played and received the gold medal for being tournament Champions.  I am so proud that we won and also proud of all the great sportsmanship that we displayed, something that our coaches Christian and Karl have instilled in us over the years.  It was a fun tournament and I enjoyed spending time with the team.
Since I was gone, my Mom and my best friend Annie went to the Downtown Farmers Market to hand out the recipes last Saturday but, due to a glitch, the printed recipes were not there.  Being a true girl scout herself, Annie just proceeded to go around and talk to some of the farmers for me and got some information that I needed so all was not lost. She also got another Henna tattoo so she was pretty happy. Today, Annie and I head up to Girl Scout camp at Trefoil Ranch for two weeks in the LEAP program so I won't be back to the Farmers Market until July 2nd. There is no television, computers, cellphones or i-pods at camp so we will be technology-free for two weeks and living in the wild.  I am excited even though I will not be showering very often! I have gone ahead and planned my recipes posts for the next 2 weeks and have saved them on our home computer. My mom will help me these two weeks by posting these recipes that I have chosen and tested and handing out recipes June 25th. She will also answer any questions or requests you have based on the information I left her with. I will be at the Farmers Market on July 2nd, maybe you will see me (or smell me due to lack of showering at camp) there!!

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  1. Hey Bianca - Congratulations on winning the tournament. Hope you had fun at camp.