Friday, June 10, 2011

The Beginning of the Downtown Farmer's Market

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Downtown Farmer's Market, which is exciting.  The farmer's market means that I get to buy and consume any fresh produce they have there.  It means I get to have Woodyatt Cherries again and some locally grown pecans.  The farmers's market means fresh food and the delicious sun-dried tomato bread made by the company whose name has slipped my mind.  Due to our very cold and wet weather this spring, many of the produce for is going to being harvested late this season, so...just come down to the market, enjoy the ambience, meet the farmers and be patient...the best produce is yet to come! Look for our area ranchers selling beef, pork chicken and lamb and make sure to check out local cheese and pasta makers. Oh...and HONEY...I can't say enough about all the delicious HONEY that is produced locally.
I am excited to meet the farmers and talk to them about my project. I will be there tomorrow with other Girl Scouts who are going to Houston with me for the 2011 Girl Scout National Convention in November.  They will be handing out recipes and talking about my project and Girl Scouts, so look around for some girls in uniforms moving among the crowd.  Most of us will be  dressed in our Girl Scout outfits if you need to find us.  I will be handing out 6 different recipes and hopefully you will get them tomorrow.

On the note of non-food items, I will be excited to see all the items they are selling and maybe get a henna tatoo. It will be especially fun to buy things.  Maybe I will see you there!! Have fun at the Downtown Farmer's Market no matter what you do!

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  1. Hey Bianca - Thanks for the link. I can't wait to try some of your recipes! Great blog. Sue