Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Local Artists at the Farmers Market

I have talked about the farmers at the Downtown Farmers Market but there are also artisans, painters, and designers! My mom and I often talk to the farmers and buy our food before heading to the arts and crafts side of the market. In the spirit of being local, I have decided to post pictures about the products we have bought from the artisans.

First off there is Made in the Shade:
Multiple Bracelets
Made in the Shade first appeared last year with tons of cool bracelets and belts.  From there, they just got better. Soon, Made in the Shade started to make their own amazing belt buckles.  I was the first to grab one of the paint splattered buckles and I still enjoy it! Everything is genuine leather and it is all made by hand.  Each one is different so you can be sure no one else will have your bracelet, bag, or belt.  They are very comfortable and I have gotten many compliments over the two years that I have been wearing them! The belts and bracelets can be adjusted to your size so don't be afraid to ask the vendor to size something for you! Have fun choosing because there are millions of choices!

My two belts
Sorry Clementine:
My Octopus
Sorry Clementine just joined the Downtown Arts and Crafts market and they should receive a warm welcome! All the clothes are individually designed and sewed by Suzanne Holifield, who is the owner of Sorry Clementine, so none of them are the same.  The clothes are cute and fun. Check her out on the west side of the park!

Three Pairs of my Moms Earrings
I personally do not wear any of Elizabeth Plumb's jewelry, but my mom loves her stuff. All her jewelry is originally designed and has been handcrafted using semi-precious stones and metals such as sterling silver, gold, brass, turquoise, and garnet. Her pieces are simply elegant and stylish! Very beautiful!

A Milne Bowl
 My mom has meant to buy more of the pottery from Milne Pottery but that has not yet happened.  All the pottery can be used as dinnerware and can be washed in your dishwasher on the top shelf. They are very colorful and I use them for pictures  on this blog.  Go check out her colorful collection!


 Revoluccia was new to the market this year but they, much like Sorry Clementine are amazing! Natalie Wall and Kellie Murphy are the great women who make all of the handmade leather items. Both me and my mom love their designs! I bought my schoolbag from them and my Mom bought multiple purses from them, one was for my aunt.  Their bracelets are also beautiful. We have bought four of their bracelets, one of which is supposed to go to my cousin (she is supposed to check out this blog and pick which one she wants!).  This is a great booth to visit so make sure to check it

One of the Purses

Victoria E. Acoba Teapots:
Our Teapot
These teapots are incredible silly and amazing as well as useful! All of the teapots from Victoria Acoba are definitely usable for making tea.  My mom loves them and so does all of her friends. I think they are incredibly cute and each one is different.  You will find no two teapots alike! They are great conversation starters and just fun to look at! Go check  out all of the different things that she makes!

Kings Maille
A Chain Maille Bracelet
The first time we walked past this booth last year we were instantly drawn to it! The artisans of Kings Maille were very friendly and introduced us to this new kind of jewelry.  There are earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that are simply elegant.  Although the jewelry is made of metal, it is not chunky, but light and comfortable. Hopefully you will go check out this booth and see how great their stuff really is!!

Spirit and Soul of the Tree:
Beautiful with a little turquoise in it!

All of the stuff made by the Spirit and Soul of the Tree is made of local wood with a couple little decorations! All the bowls are soft and smooth to the touch and undyingly beautiful.  Some bowls have designs in them, like the horse in the bowl below.  Some bowls are carved, like the bowl above, but all are great! Go check out their work and buy yourself a beautiful bowl!
Bowl with inlaid horse
All of the items we bought.
The market is full of surprises! Just this past Saturday we found Ambre Industries! Obviously, we have walked past them a couple times but just this past day we finally stopped and bought a fair amount of items! Their jewelry is made of recycled materials, wood, fabric, and leaves.  It is all designed and made individually. All their  stuff is light and stylish! Check them out on the west side of the market!
Simple Blue Ring

The Double White Ring

Romy Brett is the owner of Black Dog Art and she makes not only bottle cap jewelry and magnets but also cute stuffed animals. Some of her bottle cap art is just cute, while others can be just plain funny.  All of her stuff is handmade and high quality! I have bought many of her things for gifts and all my friends love them! You will always find something for yourself so visit her booth!
Kevin Frazier- Clay Artist

Kevin Frazier's work is amazing and beautiful.  From functional work to wall hangings and pottery, all of his stuff is impeccably made. He makes wheel thrown and hand built pieces, which are often non-functional. He not only uses clay but also uses wood, metal, leather, and glass.  We own many of his works and have given many away as gifts for friends and family.  Check out his booth and find some of his pieces that fit you and your friends!!

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