Monday, June 13, 2011

The Day at the Farmer's Market

All of the Girl Scouts
Well I believe the weather and everything else was extremely perfect for the first day of the Downtown Farmer's Market last Saturday. The weather was pleasant as was the company.  For those of you who were there I hope you got to see and maybe even talk to my fellow Girl Scouts.  This group of Girl Scouts will be representing Utah at the 2011 Houston National Convention.  I myself am a national delegate for Utah and will be voting on the future of Girls Scouts of the USA.  These fellow Girl Scouts and I will be going to Houston in November,  so hopefully you got to meet and talk to them as well as get recipes from them. Some of you might have seen me in my uniform and with a hat on.  I went around and talked to the farmers who all had wonderful food.  I talked to Clifford Family Farms, Sadees' Pride Natural ProduceKnight Family Honey, Kenyon OrganicsBorski Farms, Woodyatt Cherries, and many other farmers.  I got my sun-dried tomato bread from Volker's Bakery and it was just a delicious as always. I got a lot of work done and am excited to keep handing out recipes.  Kenyon Organics may hang up some of my recipes and many farmers may hand some of the recipes out.  I also got some henna done by Liz Martin and the booth to the west.  It was beautiful! I am excited for next week!
My tree henna!
Me at the henna booth

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